Name: Lahiru Lihinikadu

Age: 24

Height: 5ft 8

Favourite pro cricketer? Ravindra jadeja

Favourite cricketer played with & why?

Dinura Gunawardena – This guy is something special, no matter what we’re doing he will make sure to bring some great vibes into the group (cricket matches, nets, nigh outs, house parties – you name it) Top all rounder, Ambidextrous mystery spinner, gun fielder.

Best cricketer played with & why?

Roscoe Thattil – Was a privilege to play with him for the same side in a tournament last year. One of the best all rounders that I have seen, master mind in reading the game and will definitely have more runs scored behind the wicket after all the scoops he plays.

Fun fact about you?

I have got a silver medal at South Asian games representing Sri Lanka (I used to be a Swimmer before I got into Cricket )


OWMCC Top Run Scorer 2024: Chaami

OWMCC Top Wicket Taker 2024: Dilshan

OWMCC most catches 2024: Danuka

OWMCC 2024 most improved player? I’m backing myself on this one. Can’t wait to get out there


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