Oughtibridge is a Village Full of Sport

Oughtibridge War Memorial Sports Club embraces a wide array of sports, catering to men’s, women’s and children’s football and cricket. Our club is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and excellence in sports for all members of our community.

  • Upholding Tradition and Excellence

    From men’s football to women’s cricket, our teams exemplify the spirit of Oughtibridge. With a commitment to fostering talent and sportsmanship across all our teams, we aim to maintain our legacy of sporting excellence.

  • Fostering Community Engagement

    Beyond the thrill of competition, our club serves as a centre for community engagement, offering opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to come together to play for or to support our teams. Whether its match days filled with excitement or relaxed gatherings at the clubhouse, we encourage camaraderie and friendship among players and supporters alike.

  • Join Us in the Sporting Journey

    Whether you’re passionate about football or cricket – as a coach or player, we welcome everyone to join our diverse community of players and supporters.


Meet some of our Cricket Players

  • Lahiru Lihinikadu

    Lahiru Lihinikadu

    Name: Lahiru Lihinikadu Age: 24 Height: 5ft 8 Favourite pro cricketer? Ravindra jadeja Favourite cricketer played with & why? Dinura …

  • Linal Fonseka

    Linal Fonseka

    Name: Linal Fonseka Age: 18 Height: 5 ft 8 Favourite pro cricketer? Kumar Sangakkara Favourite cricketer played with & why? …

  • Adil Nasim

    Adil Nasim

    Name: Adil Nasim Age: 41 ish Height: 5’10 Favourite pro cricketer: Kane Williamson Favourite cricketer played with & why? Bjorn …

  • Richard Marsden

    Richard Marsden

    Name: Richard Marsden Age: 44 Height: 6’ 3’’ Favourite pro cricketer: Darren Gough – Legend. Don’t need to say anything …

  • Lewis Wake

    Lewis Wake

    Name: Lewis Wake Age: 20 Height: 6’4 Favourite pro cricketer? Tom Latham Favourite cricketer played with? I’ll go with joal …

  • David James

    David James

    DAVID JAMES “DJ” He wanted to firstly state the following.. “I started The Hill, Membership is strict and starts with …

  • Denis Smith

    Denis Smith

    Name: Denis Smith Age: 37 Years at OWMCC? 17 years Favourite Pro Cricketer? Brian Lara. Spent a full summer watching …

  • Matt Summerhill

    Matt Summerhill

    Name: Matt Summerhill Age: 48 Years at OWMCC? 6 Favourite Pro Cricketer? Darren Lehmann – on his day, he could …

  • John Grayson

    John Grayson

    The Hill – Club Legend – John Grayson Name – John Grayson Age – 54 Years at OWMCC ? 28th …

  • Mathew Tyers

    Mathew Tyers

    The Hill – Matthew Tyers *“The Hill”* Name: Matthew Tyers Age: 36 Years at OWMCC? 33 Favourite Pro Cricketer? Michael …

  • Hasaru Chaamikara

    Hasaru Chaamikara

    Name: Hasaru Chaamikara Age: 26 Height:5’8 Favourite pro cricketer: MS Dhoni Favourite cricketer played with & why? Adithya Siriwardhana(East Lancashire …

  • Tim Goss

    Tim Goss

    Name: Tim Goss Age: 55 Years at OWMCC? 10 Favourite Pro Cricketer? Harold Larwood Favourite OWMCC Player ever? John Grayson …