Tim Goss

Name: Tim Goss

Age: 55

Years at OWMCC? 10

Favourite Pro Cricketer?

Harold Larwood

Favourite OWMCC Player ever?

John Grayson

First game played/watched at OWMCC?

Whitley Hall

Anything you are looking forward to in particular this season?

The elegant goweresque batting of the enigmatic Joe Boyden


1st Team Finishing place in Div 1?


2nd Team Finishing place in Div 2?


OWMCC Player to hit most 6s?


OWMCC Player to take a hatrick?

Joel Mann

Most likely OWMCC player to average more than 50 with the bat?


Any words of wisdom to add?

Forget Bazball it’s nonsense, emperors new clothes, dig in, stick it out, just like Sir Geoffrey.


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