The Hill – Club Legend – John Grayson

Name – John Grayson

Age – 54

Years at OWMCC ?

28th season coming up

Favourite Pro Cricketer?

Joe Root

Favourite OWMCC Player?

All time -Peter Hague

Current – Tuffail Dar

First game for/at OWMCC?

I played for Jubilee away to Oughtibridge in Billy Oates Cup, think it was around 1990

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Just coming and watching, maybe occasionally playing and not having to make sure everything is done before game starts.


Where will the First team finish?

Won’t be easy, 2 good sides came down and Chaamikara missing the first month, if spinners bowl well we should compete in the top half.

Where will the Second team finish?

2nds will hopefully consolidate in Division 2, playing against some new 1sts and big club 2nds will be a great challenge

Most likely to hit a 6?

Will Cooper (all over mid on)

Most likely to take a hatrick?

Sami P

Most likely to average over 50?

Chaami will average 50 if he doesn’t get run out all season

Words of Wisdom!?

The OCG is a lovely place to play cricket, great track with something for good bowlers, quick outfield, a real hidden gem.


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