Name: Denis Smith

Age: 37

Years at OWMCC? 17 years

Favourite Pro Cricketer? Brian Lara. Spent a full summer watching him bat with my grandad in 1995 and he’s the reason I fell in love with cricket. Domestically, despite being a proud Yorkshireman, I fell in love with Atherton after his 185* in Joburg.

Honourable shout outs to Darren Gough, Craig White, Darren Lehmann and Shane Warne.

Favourite OWMCC Player ever? Loved playing with Oughtibridge legends such as John Grayson, Peter Hague, Adam Broughton, David James, Kieron Holmshaw, Jon Cundy, Joel Mann, Ashley Statham and Andy, Matthew and Ben Tyers. Also, he only had 1 season at Oughtibridge, but playing with a childhood friend in Tim Pearce was a joy.

I loved my time being Adil Nasim’s Vice Captain and an ‘experienced’ campaigner under Herbinder Singh Lali’s tenure. 2 lads I loved playing with.

Playing with a professional and former Pakistan Under 19s international in Arslan ‘Sunny’ Mir was also pretty special.

However, anybody that’s played with Peter Fidler will understand why he’s my favourite ever Oughtibridge player. Not the best ever player we’ve had, but what a character!

First game played/watched at OWMCC? 2007 away at Denaby and Cadeby, first time I met Peter Fidler and was greeted with the famous line of “hmmmmmmm, fresh meat……..fresh, ginger meat”

Anything you are looking forward to in particular this season?

Now that there is only 1 league between 1sts and 2nds I can’t wait to watch high quality cricket regardless of the team. Also, now that I’m semi retired, I’m looking forward to having my best season ever…… Everybody knows you’re a better player when you don’t play!

The thing I’m most looking forward to though is holiday season in August as I might get a game!


1st Team Finishing place in Div 1?

I have high hopes for the 1st team. Competition for places with the 2nds only being a league below will be intense and I think it will raise standards on and off the pitch. My prediction is 1st but I’ll take whatever position goes up.

2nd Team Finishing place in Div 2?

To get the 2nds in Division 2 is a huge achievement. Probably the highest league position we have ever had. I think we are good enough to challenge in the top end if availablilty is good. But, with us being a 2nd team amongst 1st teams, I would be delighted if we stay up. Realistically, I would take staying up but potentially we have so much more. I’m going to say 5th place.

OWMCC Player to hit most 6s?

Due to longevity, probably me! Or, Joe ‘swipe the tripe’ Preece. If it means this season……..I’m going to back the new young vice captain of the 2nds. Joal Wake.

OWMCC Player to take a hatrick? Only lad I know of to take one is Joe ‘swipe the trip’ Preece against Millhouses. If it means this season I’m going to back Sammi P or Dilshan. Adil Nasim has a good chance in the 2nds if he is brought on to buy wickets with his leggies.

Most likely OWMCC player to average more than 50 with the bat?

Unless Peter Hague comes out of retirement, I’d say Joe Boyden has the best chance in 1st. 2nds, the obvious candidate is Adil Nasim.

Any words of wisdom to add? Enjoy it, love and respect the badge, you’ll not get a better place than Oughtibridge to play cricket. And remember, I’m only semi retired so I’ll take your place if you’re not performing!

Another fantastic bloke who has given his life and soul to the club over the years! We look forward to seeing you play and watch down at the ground this year too


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